Travel tips for India

Best time to visit: India is a relatively large country with varied weather. It is best to avoid the monsoon season that begins at the end of May in the southern part of India and ends in Northern India by September. However, this is also the best time for getting Ayurveda therapy. Otherwise, it is advisable to visit India during the dry season, which is between October and April.

What to pack: It is recommended to take cotton-based clothes for most part of the year. however, a light jacket or stole can come really handy as the air conditioning in some hotels and indoor areas could get a little cold. During winters, Northern India can experience sub-zero temperatures, so, warm clothes are a must. It is important to check the local weather of the places one plans to visit beforehand. One may also consider packing sunscreen lotion, dark sunglasses, hats, and keeping an adequate liquid intake during peak summer.

Cuisine: A lot of spices including indigenous ones go into making Indian foods. So, one can look forward to an exotic savory experience with aroma and spiciness. However, most hotels and restaurants keep the clients’ preference in mind when it comes to spices.

Language: Hindi and English are widely spoken. Most Indians will be able to communicate in English but their accent may vary with different regions. The country officially recognizes over 26 regional languages and there are over a thousand dialects.

Currency: The Indian Rupee is the official currency of India. It is easy to convert a foreign currency into rupee in any of the many foreign exchange dealers available from airport to hotels, banks, and markets. While changing the currency, one should ask for smaller denominations for the customary tips. All major credit cards can be used for paying bills and shopping.

Electricity: India primarily runs on 220/240V AC @50 Hz. It is advisable to buy a universal travel plug adapter that can fit standard Indian sockets. One should ensure that the device’s power adapter can convert between 110V and 220V if the home country of the traveler makes use of 110V power supply.

Formalities: Ensure that the passport is valid for more than 6 months at the time of travel. Some countries are exempted from applying for visa in advance, and can be availed on arrival. It is best to check the Indian embassy website.